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Becoming a parent is a forever life-changing process.

At Los Angeles Surrogacy, we treat each and every intended parent with plenty of compassionate guidance. Our site is full of resources to help you on your journey whether you're interested in becoming a surrogatehave questions about our processnew potential parents or if you’re simply curious as to how we match our surrogates with their families.

We also have resources for women interested in becoming egg donors. Our experienced team helps match egg donors with intended parents of any race, gender or sexual orientation to fulfill their dreams of starting a family.

If you just have general questions feel free to contact us at any time either by phone at 800-204-7129 or through our online contact form here!

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We’re always looking for women interested in becoming surrogates. Your assistance is tremendously valued and we strive to make the experience as safe and happy as possible for you. Happiness is the end goal, so our attention is focused on everything you need for a healthy delivery and everything the parents need for the beginning of a wonderful family.

No Matter Where You Live In The World
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We fully understand that there are many places in the world where it is not possible to use a surrogate to start your family. Here at Los Angeles Surrogacy, we welcome anyone from any country to use our services and begin your journey to parenthood!

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