Frequently Asked Questions

Surrogate mothers make dreams come true!

If you love being a mom and want to help others feel that love, becoming a surrogate mother may be right for you. It’s a road that few women are courageous enough to face, but bring so much happiness to others that are struggling with infertility issues.

If you think you’d make a good candidate to become a surrogate, please get in contact with us! We work with surrogates all throughout California — and a few other states. You don’t need to live in the Los Angeles area to work with us, but we will support you throughout the entire journey. Most of our Case Managers have been surrogates themselves so they can offer you a unique perspective!

We do have a screening process, and we
start with the following basic requirements:

  • Must not use any nicotine or marijuana products
  • Between the ages of 20 to 39 years old
  • Must have had at least 1 successful, live birth
  • Must be a U.S. citizen and if not, be able to provide documentation showing you are here legally
  • Must have a BMI of 33 or less
  • Must have a good support system
  • If married or in a relationship, your partner must be on board with this process

Calling all surrogates—we need you!

Please get in touch if you meet the above basic requirements and are interested! There are so many potential parents out there who need your help and unlike many other agencies, we have a waiting list of parents! That means we can match most candidates with intended parents in just a few days, once you pass the pre-screening process. If you’re not quite sure that you meet the requirements, give us a call! We can answer any questions you might have and help you determine if becoming a surrogate is something that’s right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a surrogate?

Your first step is to reach out to us! We’ll walk you through the process so you can decide if you want to continue through the pre-qualification process. We’ll also answer any questions you may have. Once you’re pre-qualified, we’ll have you fill out a lengthier profile to begin the process of matching you with intended parents.

Why should I choose Los Angeles Surrogacy?

We’re uniquely qualified to walk you through every step of the process. Many of our case workers have been surrogates themselves, so they’ve been in your shoes and can share their experiences with you. Additionally, our agency has extensive experience in international surrogacy and has faced almost any possible situation — having that kind of experience by your side is worth its weight in gold. We also strive to make our process as simple and transparent as possible for everyone’s benefit.

How much is the base compensation for surrogate mothers?

Our base compensation for a first-time surrogate mother starts at $35,000 and depending on a variety of factors, you can earn more. In addition to your base, there’s additional compensation for situations such as carrying multiples (twins) or if you require a C-section. Any fees you incur in connection to the surrogacy are covered by the intended parents and are not deducted from the monies you earn.

How does my compensation for my surrogacy work?

California law requires that 100% of the surrogate compensation be held in escrow and distributed monthly throughout the pregnancy, with the remaining balance paid when the baby is born. Having the funds held in escrow ensures a safety net for both sides.

How does my medical insurance for surrogacy work?

We’ll enroll you in a surrogate-friendly health insurance plan. The intended parents will pay all the fees associated with your insurance.

Do I need to pay for health insurance?

No, we’ll enroll you in a surrogate-friendly health insurance plan. The intended parents will pay all the fees associated with your insurance.

I don’t live in Los Angeles—can I still work with your agency?

Yes. You’ll need to travel to the IVF clinic the parents have selected. Many of these clinics are in the Southern California area. You will only need to travel for the initial medical screening and the actual embryo transfer. We can arrange for all further appointments in a clinic closer to your home.

Can I become a surrogate even if my significant other doesn’t support my decision?

Unfortunately, no. Although we make the journey as simplified as possible, support is important for our surrogates. If you’re single, we do ask that you have a designated support partner of your choosing throughout the process.

Does your agency change the case coordinator/manager multiple times throughout the journey?

No. You will work with just two people throughout your journey. You can reach them all both by phone, email or text message. Since the majority of our surrogate recruiters and case managers have all been surrogates before, they understand the experience and also help guide a little bit better than perhaps someone who hasn’t undergone her own journey.

What about contact with the intended parents, will I meet them?

Intended parents are from all over the world. We work with Intended parents in many countries, all of whom are seeking surrogacy in California. Many parents cannot legally seek surrogacy in their home countries, making their infertility struggles even harder, so the United States is a great option for them. Typically our surrogates and intended parents will meet each other via a video call before moving forward with a match, if meeting in person isn’t a viable option.

What legal procedures are in place to protect me?

Under California law for a surrogacy contract to be legally binding, the intended parents and the surrogate must each have representation by an independent legal counsel of their own choosing. We will help you with this process and ensure the contract is fair to both sides. That being said, your legal fees are covered by the intended parents.

Can the intended parents change their mind? What happens?

We’ve never had that happen, but in the event that it did, the surrogacy contract is legally binding. The intended parents that we accept as clients are eager to become parents.

Will this pregnancy be different for me than my natural pregnancies?

Physically speaking, the pregnancy is no different than a traditional pregnancy once your body accepts the pregnancy. Unlike your past pregnancies, you will need to medically trick your body into thinking it’s pregnant — this is necessary for your body to accept the transferred embryo. You will need to take hormone medication during this time until your body is producing the hormones on its own, usually around week 10 of the surrogacy pregnancy. Your case managers and medical providers will be there to answer any questions and support you in this process.

Does your agency transfer two or more embryos in an attempt for a single baby pregnancy?

No, we do not. If you are not okay with carrying twins, only one embryo will be transferred. This can also be specified in your surrogacy contract between you and the intended parents.