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Los Angeles Surrogacy was founded with the idea of making it easier for intended parents from all over the world to utilize surrogacy as an option to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. We understand that every intended parent is different and needs and desires vary. Our surrogacy program is customized around our clients’ needs. We understand that surrogacy can be costly, so we’ve eliminated a lot of unnecessary fees that other agencies charge to help reduce the overall costs without lowering our standards of quality care.

Our team of surrogacy experts are with you throughout the entire journey.

Unlike other countries, the United States, California specifically, offers surrogacy as a legal option for almost anyone regardless of circumstances or sexual orientation. California has well established surrogacy laws and regulations created to protect both the intended parents and surrogates — this is not true in all foreign countries offering surrogacy programs.

Meet the Team

Our team members have over 15 years of combined experience in international surrogacy, and all share a love and passion for the work they do!


Geoff Moss

Founder, Managing Partner


Shannon Johnson

Managing Partner

Cole-Angenendt - Operations-Manager

Cole Angenendt

Operations Manager


Cindy Fino

Senior Surrogate Match Specialist


Lorraine Aldape

Surrogate Match Specialist


Christina Aldape

Case Manager


Tina Medina

Case Manager


Carrie Del Torto

Case Manager


Liz Mendoza

Case Manager


Brett Johnson

Accounting Manager

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