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Is surrogacy the right path for you?

You’re ready to become intended parents to grow your family. You think surrogacy might be the right path for you, but you need more information.

We’re here to help you determine that, and if so, make that journey as smooth as possible. We understand how important it is for you to have a child or to continue growing your family. For many, this is a very emotional process. Our dedicated team is here to help alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty that lay ahead.

Many of our team members are proven surrogates who have previously gone through their surrogacy journey with Los Angeles Surrogacy. Our team members are always happy to answer any questions about the process from their firsthand experience. We hope that our many years of combined experience and caring employees can make this experience a joyful journey for you and your family.

There are likely still a lot of unanswered questions and so many options regarding surrogacy. Where do you even start?

The answer to that is right here, at Los Angeles Surrogacy.

We’ve taken years of experience and feedback, and made the journey from intended parenthood to parenthood... as simple as something like surrogacy can be. You’ll have a dedicated expert at your side throughout the entire process, top-notch medical care, fully-screened surrogate mothers, legal peace of mind and most importantly, support. Whether you’re going through this process alone or with friends and family rooting you on, you’ll always have us in your corner. No judgment, no criticism. What we want is to help everyone who wants to bring a child into this world do exactly that.

Next step: choose the most reputable and experienced surrogacy clinic in the United States.

Why are we the best choice for you to become intended parents? Los Angeles Surrogacy teams up with the top IVF clinics throughout California as well as your own Medical Doctor, if you have one already. You will also reap the benefits of the laws in the United States regulating surrogacy, specifically in California. These laws protect both the intended parents and the surrogate, as well as the baby. Additionally, we have a legal team that will put together an agreement tailored specifically for your circumstances. We take every precaution to keep all sides secure.

Accommodating International Intended Parents

We understand that many intended parents have to travel great distances in order to fulfill the dream of becoming a parent. That’s why we take pains to ensure that our clients get the most efficient pathway, minimizing costs, stress and surprises. We anticipate issues that may arise so we can address them before they become problems.

Do you need help moving embryos from another state or country?

We have the infrastructure that allows us to help you move them to your new selected California IVF clinic for your new surrogate. We can help you so you don’t have to create new embryos, saving you time and expenses.

Personalized surrogacy plans for ALL intended parents

We’re able to offer a variety of unique surrogacy programs that enable you to choose the one that most closely matches your needs and abilities — and even customize based on your preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the surrogacy process take?

It’s different for every situation. Intended parents should count on about a year and a half from the time they sign on until they have a child. Of course, the journey may be shorter or longer, depending on legalities and the progress of the actual process.

What should I prepare myself for, as an intended parent?

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees with surrogacy. This whole process can be an emotional roller-coaster — there are always uncertainties dealing with human bodies. It can take a few attempts before your surrogate gets pregnant even with a perfect embryo, perfect doctor and perfect surrogate. You also face all the same risks that any pregnant woman or unborn baby faces in utero during a pregnancy.

How much does it cost to have a child via surrogacy?

There are many factors that affect the cost — your IVF clinic, the potential Egg Donor and twin pregnancies, just to name a few. We’ve worked to streamline the process to limit unnecessary fees so that your dream of having the family that you desire is affordable. When you get in touch with us, we’ll go over the numbers and give you a cost estimate based on your situation and needs.

Can I enter the process regardless of my relationship status?

Of course! There are many different reasons that our clients decide to use surrogacy to have a child, and being single or in a same-sex relationship are not barriers to using our agency. All scenarios are legal for surrogacy in California, unlike some other countries.

How am I protected legally?

For one, both you and the surrogate will need legal representation from two separate attorneys. We have a great legal team spanning the top firms in California that specialize in surrogacy. These firms have experience in working with both domestic and international intended parents and in many cases, offer translation services. There will be a surrogacy contract created by your legal representation that protects both you and the surrogate under United States and California law. Your contract can vary depending on your needs and those of the surrogate’s. Additionally, all fees intended for the surrogate are held by a neutral escrow company as per California law, and are paid in stages to the providers and the surrogate throughout the duration of the contract and pregnancy.

I don’t live in the United States, can I still use your agency?

Of course! We specialize in helping intended parents from all over the world. Our process allows for minimal travel back and forth. If you’d like to be close during the surrogate’s pregnancy, we suggest you apply for a U.S. Visa to allow that. If you cannot be close during the process, don’t worry! Many of our surrogate mothers communicate regularly with their Intended Parent(s) on programs like WeChat or WhatsApp.

How long should I expect to be in the United States after delivery?

We generally advise international intended parents to plan on returning home after 3–4 weeks to allow ample time for court proceedings, the issuance of any birth certificates and the application for any visas and/or passports. We will guide you through this process. Depending on legal paperwork, you may be able to go home sooner.

I don’t speak English, will that prevent me from communicating with your agency or surrogates?

No, because our clients are from around the globe, we have staff that can communicate in Spanish, Chinese and Japanese!