How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

A couple looking over the cost of surrogacyUnderstanding the Cost of Surrogacy

If you are an intended parent considering surrogacy to have a child, you should understand all the costs involved before getting started. We broke down the surrogacy cost into segments to help you understand exactly what you are paying for.

Surrogacy Cost Breakdown

Most agencies arrange all of their fees into one payment package to make the organization aspect easier for all. The payment package for your surrogacy journey should include:

Surrogate Compensation Base Fee

This is a base fee that acts as the paycheck(s) for the surrogate for their contribution. It varies based on several factors, since every partnership is unique. These factors include (1) if the surrogate carries multiples (for example, twins), (2) if the surrogate requires a C-section, and more. These factors differ from agency to agency.

Agencies across the US allow surrogates to choose payments in more or less frequent installments. However, California law requires monthly payment installments. Intended parents choose between upfront payment or the utilization of a payment plan. This part of the journey is meant to be customizable and ideal for everyone involved.

Some surrogacy agencies include the surrogate’s lost wages within this package. Others do not, and will add this as an additional fee separate from the base pay. This covers any wages lost that the surrogate would normally make from her job if she were not pregnant.

Reimbursement for Pregnancy-Related Expenses

The parameters for these expenses will be laid out before the partnership is finalized. Intended parents typically pay for expenses that the surrogate pays out of pocket, rather than subtracting them from the surrogate’s base pay. However, there are limitations to this that will be established in advance.

Medical Treatments

Medical treatments include all of the essential medical appointments. Initial physical and emotional wellness screenings, the IVF embryo transfer, check-ups, and delivery are included.

Insurance coverage is decided upon at the beginning of all partnerships. In the event that the surrogate needs additional visits to a doctor during the pregnancy, everyone involved is prepared.

Legal Fees

This includes the cost of the lawyers to organize paperwork and protect all parties in the eyes of the law. It includes gestational agreements and the pre-birth order to be signed by both sides.

Travel Costs for Appointments/Meet-ups

These costs are mainly for partnerships that live in different countries, states, or cities. Some intended parents prefer to fly their surrogates out to meet them, or pay for their gas tanks if their clinics are far from where they live.

Maternity Clothing

Because there will come a time when the surrogate will no longer fit into her normal clothes, maternity clothes are an expected pregnancy expense. This will usually incur a flat fee that is agreed upon at the beginning of the partnership.

Agency Fee

This fee differs greatly from agency to agency, but is typically included in the upfront payment plan. It covers the guidance and coordination that your surrogacy agency provides to you during your journey. From initial meetings, matchmaking, appointment setting, delivery coordination, answering all phone calls, and everything in between, this covers about a year and a half of work.

Financing the Cost of Your Surrogacy Journey

At Los Angeles Surrogacy, we follow the breakdown outlined above. Here are some additional, more specific details we abide by:

Surrogate Compensation Base Fee

At Los Angeles Surrogacy, our base compensation for a first-time surrogate mother starts at $35,000. Those who have been surrogates before will have a higher base pay. We offer a higher base pay for those carrying more than one child, such as twins or triplets, and for those that require a C-section.

Payment milestones are prearranged. This ensures financial transparency and satisfaction for everyone involved. As addressed on our website: “California law requires that 100% of the surrogate compensation be held in escrow and distributed monthly throughout the pregnancy, with the remaining balance paid when the baby is born. Having the funds held in escrow ensures a safety net for both sides.”

Reimbursement for Pregnancy-Related Expenses

We pride ourselves on our transparency regarding finances for all parties. You will never pay fees that are not discussed upfront. If confusion arises at any point in the process, our team is always available to answer your questions.

Medical Treatments

Los Angeles Surrogacy enrolls surrogates in a surrogate-friendly health insurance plan, and the intended parents pay the fees associated with it. This insurance plan consistently proves to be more cost-effective than paying fees out of pocket or pursuing coverage with different insurance plans. The surrogacy-friendly health insurance averages between $500-750 per year.

Legal Fees

We partner with a trusted legal team to ensure the security of everyone involved. They are considered one of the best legal teams in California that specialize in surrogacy, and they have experience in both domestic and international surrogacy cases. The intended parents and the surrogate will be represented by different attorneys, and all contracts are protected under United States and California law.

The contracts also cover the payment plans for the surrogate. All payment is held in escrow and paid to the surrogate according to the prearranged, contracted schedule.

Travel Costs for Appointments/Meet-ups

We service both intended parents and surrogates that live outside of Los Angeles. There are two appointments that require a surrogate to go to the IVF clinic chosen by the intended parents – the initial medical screening and the embryo transfer. Intended parents will be liable to pay for the travel to these appointments if the clinic is outside of LA/Southern California. All other appointments can be arranged to be closer to the surrogate’s home. The delivery of the child will take place at a hospital that both intended parents and surrogate agree upon before the embryo transfer even occurs.

Maternity Clothing

This will be discussed as part of the payment package. Every part of the payment package is decided upon at the very beginning of the partnership before any paperwork is signed.

Other Expenses

Other expenses can be negotiated during the initial conversations between intended parent(s), surrogate, and agency. Everything is agreed upon very early in the process, so there is never any confusion about what is being covered.

Overall Surrogacy Cost

Because each partnership is different and there are many factors that can differ on a case by case basis, we are unable to provide a definite cost upfront. However, surrogacy costs in California average between $150,000-250,000. Our payment plans cover everything from initial consultations to post-delivery care and all of the financial aspects listed above. There will never be any unnecessary costs or added fees after your child is born.

We place a lot of value in the transparency and communication that we offer to our clients. Once you are assigned a case manager, you will partner with that person from start to finish. Our partnerships are fostered in open communication and the opportunity to form a trusted relationship. If you have any questions or concerns throughout any step of the way, we are here for you.

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