The Surrogate Screening Process

The intended parents and surrogate after going through the screening process.Becoming a surrogate is a rewarding adventure. Surrogates finish their respective journeys with new lifelong friends, full hearts, and big paychecks.

Because a surrogate has big shoes to fill, there is an in-depth screening process that must occur before she is approved to become a surrogate and begin the matching process. Though the screenings are thorough and straightforward.

Before you begin your screening process, there are a few surrogate requirements you should know:

  1. You must be between the ages of 20 and 39.
  2. You must have a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index). For most people, this means a 33 or less.
  3. You must have had at least one successful pregnancy in the past, with minimal or no complications.
  4. You must be raising at least one of your own children in your own home.
  5. You must not currently receive government assistance.
  6. You must reside in the United States legally, whether that be because you are a citizen, you have a green card or visa, or by some other means.
  7. You must not currently be taking any drugs. This includes nicotine and any recreational drugs. If you have taken antidepressants in the past, you must be off of them for at least one year before you can pursue surrogacy.

If you match the above criteria, you may qualify to become a surrogate mother! Please keep reading about our screening process to ensure you are a good fit to partner with our surrogacy agency.

At Los Angeles Surrogacy, we never ask for any information that is not absolutely necessary for the safety of all parties involved. Our standard screening procedure is as follows:


Most surrogates begin their journey with us with a laid-back discussion. We talk about why you want to become a surrogate and we answer any initial questions you have about any part of a surrogate’s journey. Here is where we can get a feel for each other to determine if we want to work together – you can decide if we are the right agency to represent and help you, and we can decide if we feel you are a good fit for what our intended parents are looking for.

Your partner may be interviewed after our initial discussion to ensure you have support at home. It is important that your partner supports you in your decision to become a surrogate.

Personal Information

Once you decide you want to officially apply, the application process begins! You will start by filling out a form with some basic information, such as:

  • Contact information (name, phone number, email address, home address)
  • Date of birth
  • Marital status (single, married, etc.)

Because having past successful pregnancies of your own is required to become a surrogate, you will also note how many children you have successfully delivered. The application will also ask how many of your children live with you currently.

Though it is typical that most surrogates have their own children currently living with them, we ask you to have a conversation with us if this is not the case for you. It is also helpful to note that marital status does not affect your eligibility.


The health of both our surrogate partners and our babies-to-be are of utmost importance to us here at Los Angeles Surrogacy. Nothing else matters more. Because of this, there are questions to answer and examinations to partake in to ensure the health and safety of all.

This step begins as the surrogate answers questions about her current health. Any diagnoses currently affecting you, especially those of your reproductive system, are noted on the application form. There are questions regarding prior pregnancies and any complications with delivery, any contraceptive methods used, and any irregularities with your monthly menstrual cycle. The application requires listing out every medication you take and why.

Medical history is also a prime determining factor in successful surrogacy partnerships. A prospective surrogate will need to detail out any history of gynecological problems and any medication allergies. Any and all conditions you’ve had in your lifetime might be worth detailing, depending on how they may affect an upcoming pregnancy.


Any lifestyle choices and day-to-day habits can affect a person’s health. At Los Angeles Surrogacy, we place the health of our surrogates and our babies in front of everything else. Because of this, part of our pre-screening process for our surrogates is a detailed questionnaire filled with lifestyle questions.


This stage of the process addresses:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Smoking habits
  • Dietary restrictions and preferences
  • Recreational and prescription drug use
  • Routine exercise
  • Living situations, including the people you live with (as stated above, it’s imperative that your partner and the people you live with support your decision to become a surrogate) 
  • Employment and schedule flexibility, for the purpose of appointment scheduling


Emotional Wellness

Mental health history will be detailed, including any past and current diagnoses and treatments. There is mental health care provided to surrogates during the pregnancy, so treatment preferences going forward will also be addressed.

Background Check

All prospective surrogates must consent to a background check. This will verify things like identity information, educational and financial history, criminal background (if any), driver’s history, and more.


Do you have any preferences regarding your pregnancy journey? Do you want to meet up with your intended parent partners or keep all communication virtual? Are you willing to carry twins? Are you okay with traveling or do you want to stay local for appointments? All of these conversations and any other preferences you have will be detailed here.

Perhaps the most important preference a surrogate has is on the compensation they will receive for their role in the surrogacy partnership. At Los Angeles Surrogacy, we have a base pay that all surrogates receive, plus additional payments that can be added on depending on a number of various factors.

After our screening processes for both surrogates and intended parents, the matching process begins! We take great pride in our surrogacy matches because we focus on getting to know each person, and we partner surrogates with intended parents who share similar preferences and beliefs.

If you are interested in becoming a surrogate, please contact us here. We are waiting for your call to answer your questions and get you started.