What Should You Pack in Your Surrogate Hospital Bag?

What to pack in a hospital bag

You’ve heard of the infamous “hospital bag” – the bag that pregnant women pack as they approach their due date (or long before). And because prior successful pregnancies are required to become a surrogate, you’ve likely packed this bag before. But is the hospital bag different for a surrogate? Should there be differences? Should you…

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The Surrogate Screening Process

The intended parents and surrogate after going through the screening process.

Becoming a surrogate is a rewarding adventure. Surrogates finish their respective journeys with new lifelong friends, full hearts, and big paychecks. Because a surrogate has big shoes to fill, there is an in-depth screening process that must occur before she is approved to become a surrogate and begin the matching process. Though the screenings are…

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What do surrogates make?

A couple smiling after finding several potential surrogates

Have you ever wondered how much money surrogates make? After all, pregnancy is no joke. Surrogates get paid for their time and commitment. A pregnant person experiences fatigue, weight gain, and hormonal fluctuations throughout those nine months, and she has to pay careful attention to her health to be sure she is providing a healthy…

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Surrogate Requirements and Qualifications

Happy surrogate mother after successfully passing the requirements

Surrogacy is considered a modern medical miracle by fertility doctors and IVF specialists, but surrogacy would not be possible without the kind-hearted surrogate mothers at the core of it all. These incredible women meet strict requirements to ensure they are well-prepared physically and emotionally for the journey ahead, embodying the strength and dedication needed to…

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What Is A Surrogate Mother?

A picture of a happy surrogate mother.

There is no surrogacy without a surrogate mother. According to the Oxford English Language Dictionary, “surrogate mother” is even in the definition of surrogacy. Surrogacy is defined as “the process of giving birth as a surrogate mother or of arranging such a birth.” Therefore, to understand the role of a surrogate mother in all its…

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Surrogacy in California

Pregnant women who is going through the journey of surrogacy in california

  Thinking about going through with Surrogacy in California? Surrogacy is a process that begins with a great act of kindness and concludes with the miracle of life. With modern technology, an individual or a couple can have a biological child via surrogate. California has long been considered one of the best locations to pursue…

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Top 3 Best Surrogacy Agencies in California?

picture of the best surrogacy agencies in California text

What Qualifications Do The Best Surrogacy Agencies in California Meet?   Surrogacy agencies in California play a pivotal role in ensuring that both intended surrogates and parents find the support and guidance they need for a successful journey. Though every surrogacy journey is unique, most intended surrogates and intended parents have similar priorities in finding…

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Gestational Surrogacy: 7 Negative Myths

Gestational Surrogacy requires having delivered at least one child

Myths and Misconceptions Gestational surrogacy is a medical process that is becoming common place in western societies for individuals and couples desiring a child, but unable to conceive. In itself, it stands at the confluence of quasi miraculous medical technology, the timeless urge of the human race to perpetuate itself, and the stunning capacity for…

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7 Signs You Would be a Good Surrogate

Illustration of a surrogate holding her pregnant belly

Do you have what it takes? The journey to becoming a surrogate is one paved with compassion, resilience, and a profound desire to bring joy to others. It’s a path chosen not just by anyone, but by extraordinary women who embody certain distinctive traits. If you’re contemplating this life-changing role, here are seven signs you…

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What is a Surrogacy Agency?

Image of a happy surrogate after working with a surrogacy agency through the whole process.

Thinking about working with a Surrogacy Agency? Whether you are looking for a surrogate to help grow your family or you are looking to become a surrogate yourself, your research should probably begin with surrogacy agencies. A surrogacy agency can provide the guidance and network needed to navigate your journey with surrogacy. Some agencies offer…

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