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Thinking about going through with Surrogacy in California?

Surrogacy is a process that begins with a great act of kindness and concludes with the miracle of life. With modern technology, an individual or a couple can have a biological child via surrogate. California has long been considered one of the best locations to pursue surrogacy for a number of reasons. First and foremost, this West Coast community is progressive, supportive, technologically advanced, and medically educated. Let’s dive into why exactly California is ideal for any person or couple on their surrogacy journey.


Surrogacy In California Legalities

California is recognized as one the best places to pursue surrogacy because of its structured and customizable legal framework. Many people who have chosen surrogacy in the past often considered (and still consider) California’s legal system to be one of the most straightforward and advanced available.

For example, California is one of few US states that establishes a pre-birth parentage order. This paperwork declares and confirms that the intended parents are the child’s legal parents. It decrees that no circumstances during or after birth can change this. It also ensures that the intended parents are listed on the baby’s birth certificate, it allows intended parents to make the medical decisions of the newborn, and, at the end of the journey, assures that the intended parents are able to leave the hospital with their child.

California law requires each party (intended parents and surrogate) to have their own separate lawyers, and all parties are required to attest that they are compliant with the process and the facets of the surrogacy journey. The surrogacy agreement must be signed and notarized before any steps can be taken to begin the process, most notably including any injectable medications or hormones. These requirements protect all parties involved and make California a safe and desirable place to both be a surrogate and to have a child born via surrogacy.

As an intended parent, it doesn’t matter if you live in California, from out of state, reside in a different country – you will be protected by all of the same laws and regulations. Though there may be additional paperwork to ensure your baby can leave the country once born (if applicable to your situation), you will receive the same support and be protected just the same.


California provides a very supportive and inclusive social community of people and is regarded as one of the most liberal places in the country – and even the world. This type of support is reflected in the regulations regarding surrogacy. There are no discriminatory rules regarding sexual orientation, gender, or marital status – and this applies to intended parents, surrogates, egg donors, and sperm donors. Surrogacy may be a great option for members of the LGBT community, people with reproductive health issues, or those who do not wish to be pregnant to have children.

Traditional and gestational surrogacy are both viable and legal options to pursue in California, and intended parents who are not genetically related to the baby are still protected and recognized as the legal parent. Because all paperwork is signed and notarized before the process begins, everyone involved is protected under the law and is provided with everything they need to know before signing.


Some of the most medically-advanced fertility clinics are found in California. These facilities service surrogates and families often and know the procedures very well. They offer IVF (in-vitro fertilization), which is the technology used to transfer the egg and sperm to the surrogate where it will grow. They also offer genetic and health screenings to be sure a surrogate or a donor is healthy, capable, and prepared for their journey ahead. Egg and sperm donations may also take place here.

For safety reasons, it is important to work with a clinic that not only has the most advanced technology available, but also has the proper experience to guide the surrogate or donors through the process. Combined with California’s advanced legal teams, these clinics provide a high level of safety and care for everyone and maximize the chance of a successful pregnancy and delivery!

Social Involvement

With the help of social network applications like Facebook, people pursuing or involved in a  surrogacy journey can join communities that allow them to speak to and connect with people in similar situations. This can make the journey more fun, and can even open the door to making lifelong friendships. People can share photos, give advice, and create an emotional connection. Though each journey is different, it can be fun to connect with those similar to us to add love and support to our lives.

Surrogacy Agencies in California

Surrogacy agencies in California like Los Angeles Surrogacy (LAS) provide expertise and guidance to any new or returning donors, intended parents, and surrogates. LAS’s staff members are made up almost exclusively of former surrogates, so you will get first-hand knowledge and step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the most enjoyable surrogacy experience. The high standard set by surrogacy agencies in California is considered almost unmatched within the surrogacy community.

The level of clarity that agencies provide to all parties is unmatched. Rather than being left to their own devices, intended parents and surrogates have every contract explained to them in great detail. They receive and agree to every detail before making the commitment to begin. If there are any questions or concerns during any part of the journey, the agency is only one phone call away and will help to solve any problem.

As stated above, surrogacy in California does not discriminate. Surrogacy agencies in CA welcome anyone and everyone to contact us to allow us to answer your questions and provide any support you may need.


Because of its structured legal framework, inclusive and supportive social environment, medically-advanced facilities, and experience-rich surrogacy agencies, surrogacy in California is a safe and miraculous process. Each experience is unique and customized to meet the wants and needs of the parties involved. Without a doubt, doing surrogacy in California is one of the best places in the world to pursue surrogacy.

If you are considering surrogacy in California weather that is by becoming a surrogate, an egg donor, or a parent via surrogacy, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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