What is a Surrogacy Agency?

Image of a happy surrogate after working with a surrogacy agency through the whole process.

Thinking about working with a Surrogacy Agency?

Whether you are looking for a surrogate to help grow your family or you are looking to become a surrogate yourself, your research should probably begin with surrogacy agencies. A surrogacy agency can provide the guidance and network needed to navigate your journey with surrogacy. Some agencies offer help through specific stages, while others act as full-service agencies that remain by your side from start to finish. 

It is of prime importance that you choose a surrogacy agency that aligns with your unique wants and needs. A comfortable process is a successful process, and open communication with experts in the field is the best way to make that happen. At Los Angeles Surrogacy, most of our staff have been surrogates in the past. Our knowledge of the industry combined with this experience has made us a leading surrogacy agency in the US.


Perhaps the most common reason why people may want to pursue a partnership with a surrogacy agency is for the matching services. Agencies are able to match intended parents with compatible surrogates for the benefit of both parties. Both intended parents and surrogates are able to provide their preferences in a partner, so partnerships are not random but instead highly tailored to each party’s wants. 


If you are applying to become a surrogate, there is a screening process before you are eligible to partner with intended parents. As you may expect, the screenings are simply to ensure that the surrogacy journey will be safe and pleasant for all parties involved, especially for YOU as a surrogate. At Los Angeles Surrogacy, an abbreviated version of our screening process is detailed below.

The first step that a person wanting to pursue surrogacy should take is to reach out to an agency like Los Angeles Surrogacy to get any and all questions answered before the process begins. Once she has all the information and decides she wants to continue, the screening process officially begins. She will fill out a profile that will consist of her basic information such as name, address, phone number, email, date of birth, marital status, and number of children.

Then, a physical examination occurs. She will be asked her age, BMI, and legal citizenship status. She will also need to detail her medical history, including past pregnancies and her current childcare plans, as well as note any past or current illnesses and drug use. Any gynecological issues or menstrual cycle irregularities may be addressed here. Lifestyle choices may be discussed as well, including diet and exercise.

From there, the intended surrogate and her partner may undergo a psychological assessment. This is often very simple and focuses on thoughts about surrogacy and the journey ahead. It is important that an agency understands your feelings and coping abilities to best service you as you continue.

For both intended surrogates and intended parents, the screening process may include:

  • Background Checks
  • Proof of Employment
  • Mental & Emotional Health Screening
  • Drug Test
  • Proof of Living Arrangement

The screening process for each party helps to ensure the safety, wellbeing, and comfort of everyone involved. It also gives us the best chance for not only a successful pregnancy, but for a beautiful partnership.


The process of signing all legal documentation is much more streamlined now than it once was. At Los Angeles Surrogacy, we are grateful to have competent legal partners that educate both parties on all legal aspects, including all paperwork that is being signed. 

In addition to the background check that may include criminal records, educational milestones, employment and credit history, driving records, and even social media, the legal team ensures that the intended parents have full custody of the child once the baby is born. The legal team also makes sure that the surrogate has everything needed to carry out a healthy pregnancy, including a fair compensation package in addition to appointments, vitamins (if needed), and more.

With Los Angeles Surrogacy, a list of legal paperwork requirements can be presented to and discussed with you before the day you need to sign them. There are no secrets and we want all surrogates and soon-to-be parents to feel secure and knowledgeable when signing.


Both intended parents and surrogates are also required to have:

  • Support of Their Partner

Because pregnancy poses a major lifestyle change, it is important that a surrogate’s partner supports them on their journey. Also, if an intended parent is applying as a single parent, it is required that anybody they live with is in support of their decision. This will ensure that the baby will arrive at the happiest of homes!

  • Respect for Each Other

Surrogate + intended parent(s) is a unique and strong partnership. For a successful pregnancy and delivery, it is required that both parties respect each other’s needs and wishes. The surrogacy journey is a joyful, memorable experience when both parties communicate and work as a team.


Once the initial inquiries, pre-screenings, and contract work are completed, the next step for the surrogate is the embryo transfer. Gestational surrogacy does not involve the use of the surrogate’s own eggs, so intended parents may use their own egg/sperm, or those of donors.

There is a “two-week wait” between the embryo transfer and the pregnancy test date. If the surrogate is pregnant, that means the embryo transfer was a success and it is time to start preparing and celebrating the arrival of the baby! If the surrogate is not pregnant, the embryo transfer may be tried again.

The Importance of a Surrogacy Agency

In conclusion, surrogacy agencies are crucial for both intended surrogates and intended parents because of the guidance and connections they can provide. Surrogacy agencies know all of the ins and outs of the industry and can provide the proper guidance to navigate it. Their connections to legal and medical teams, as well as their vast network of both surrogates and intended parents to match perfect partnerships, would be significantly more difficult to obtain without an agency.

Before deciding upon which agency you would like to partner with, consider doing some research to ensure your needs are met. Though each person is unique in what they are looking for, you may want to consider some of the aspects listed here