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Hundreds of thousands of women worldwide are not able to conceive. Likewise, single parents or same-sex couples strive to fulfill their dream of starting a family but need a little help. Our team can help make dreams come true by matching egg donors with intended parents of any race, gender or sexual orientation to fulfill dreams of starting a family.

On behalf of the intended parent(s), we thank you for your interest in giving the gift of helping build a family.

Intended Parents

We understand that the process of finding an egg donor needs to be as smooth and as comfortable as possible. It is our mission to offer affordable, quality service from a team who cares about you.

When you select our service, you become a part of our family, and we are here to help your family grow.  Our program is very transparent; once you select and confirm your donor, we would be more than happy to have you meet or video chat with your donor. All of our donor cycles are fresh cycles, and you are guaranteed all of the eggs from the retrieval to ensure you the highest chance of pregnancy.

Selecting an egg donor is one of the most important parts of your journey. We have an extensive database featuring all types of donors to meet your criteria including egg donors whose previous donations have resulted in a positive pregnancy.

Become an Egg Donor

Why Should You Consider Egg Donation?
The gift of egg donation gives intended parents new hope and the ability to fulfill their dreams of starting a family. It takes an incredible woman to give the life-changing gift of egg donation, and at the same time, you can receive compensation for your time and effort.

What is Required to be an Egg Donor?
If you are between the ages of 21 and 29, have a clean medical history, have a healthy lifestyle, and feel you are ready to help someone create their dreams of having a family, then now is the time to complete prescreening questionnaire. If you successfully pass the prescreening questionnaire, you will be prompted to the next step, the full application and an interview. Once your application and interview are approved, your newly created profile will be privately accessible to intended parents. Your personal information including last name and address will be excluded from the profile.

There are many factors that could possibly disqualify you from
becoming an egg donor after your application has been accepted.

This can be due to medical issues and/or psychological issues. We reserve the right to decline any application at our own discretion if we determine that you are unfit to qualify as an egg donor.

Once you have successfully completed the application process to
become a donor, your profile will be added to our donor database for our intended parents to see your profile.

How Do You Get Matched with Intended Parents?

It is now time to get matched! If an intended parent likes your profile, you will be notified. We will then set up a video call between you and the intended parents. This gives the intended parents an opportunity to learn a little about you to make sure they feel that you’re the right fit to be their donor. Once the match is confirmed, you are required to undergo a psychosocial evaluation and medical evaluation along with genetic counseling, to determine if you are physically and mentally able to proceed with and complete the egg donation process. The cost of the medical screening is covered by the intended parents.

After the medical screening is completed, a contract between you and the intended parent will be drafted. You will be required to speak with an attorney that we provide you at no charge to review all aspects of the contract to ensure you understand the process and your responsibilities, and to answer any questions you may have.

Egg donor Pricing

We offer two egg donor packages, first time donors and proven donors.

Please contact us for pricing.

First time donor:

Our donors all perform fresh donation cycles for our intended parents. This means you get all of the viable eggs that are retrieved from your donor cycle. Our team will work with your clinic to coordinate your donor’s screening and donation cycle.

Our First Time Donor package includes:

  • Agency fee
  • Video match call with up to two donor choices
  • Donor compensation
  • Donor Insurance
  • Psychological screening
  • Genetic counseling
  • • Legal representation and attorney-held trust that includes a personalized egg donor contract as well as independent legal representation for your egg donor

Once your donor is selected and our agency fee is paid, we will coordinate with your clinic to have your donor’s hormone levels tested to make sure she is an optimal candidate. These tests are performed normally on Day 2-3 or 4 of the donor’s menstrual cycle. TThe tests include Estrogen levels (E2) Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH), Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Antral Follicle Count (AFC). Once the results of these tests are reviewed, we will coordinate the other components of her medical and psychological screening.

In the event your donor does not successfully pass medical screening, we will replace your donor for you at no additional charge. You will only be responsible for the new medical screening of your replacement donor.

Proven donors:

For intended parents who wish to have a little more peace-of-mind, we offer a Proven Donor Program for parents who wish to use an egg donor whose donation has resulted in a successful pregnancy. Please contact us for our Proven Donors.

Program extras:

Our above packages do not include:

  • Egg donor travel to and from the clinic
  • Medical screening or medication for your donor cycle

Payment schedule:

Our agency fee is due upon signing our agency agreement. We accept bank checks as well as wire transfers. We do not accept credit card payments. All other fees including donor compensation are due within fourteen days of signing the agency agreement, these funds are to be payable to the attorney’s trust account.

Donor exchange policy:

In the event your donor fails any of the screening or the cycle is canceled before retrieval, your agency fee will be applied to a new donor cycle. If you choose not to proceed with a new donor, we will refund you 75% of your agency fee. This is only applicable if your donor has not started injectable medication at the time of cancellation.


While we try to always provide you services within the cost estimate, at times fees change above and beyond our control. Actual costs may differ from your cost estimate. We will notify you of the costs prior to incurring the fees.

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