Top 3 Best Surrogacy Agencies in California?

picture of the best surrogacy agencies textWhat Qualifications Do The Best Surrogacy Agencies in California Meet?


Surrogacy agencies in California play a pivotal role in ensuring that both intended surrogates and parents find the support and guidance they need for a successful journey. Though every surrogacy journey is unique, most intended surrogates and intended parents have similar priorities in finding the agency they will partner with. Trust is the most important aspect of any partnership, so be sure that the agency you choose has the knowledge, expertise, and connections needed to guide you.


Some things that both intended surrogates and intended parents may want to look for in a potential agency partnership include:



Before partnering with a surrogacy agency, ask them how legal paperwork is dealt with. You should choose one that makes you feel at ease about negotiations and contract signings. The best agencies will educate you and guide you through each legal document, so you feel knowledgeable about what you are agreeing to.


You should also ask all of your “what if” questions to be sure you are protected no matter what happens.



The best surrogacy agencies in California do not discriminate. Every couple or individual deserves the same chance at starting or growing their family.



It is important to inquire about what screenings are required of you and where these screenings (along with any medical procedures) will take place. Ask all of your questions and be sure to understand the technology and the process of any medical-related activity.


A Caring Team

The surrogacy agency you choose will be your trusted, go-to partner when you have questions, comments, or concerns about absolutely anything. Our best advice: Don’t choose a partner that you wouldn’t be friends with.


What Are The Top Surrogacy Agencies in California?


Based on the qualifications outlined above, and on reviews by many clients, here are our top-rated surrogacy agencies in California:


1. Los Angeles Surrogacy


Los Angeles Surrogacy is a full-service surrogacy agency in the state of California. Our staff members have over 15 years of combined experience in the surrogacy world and are experts in the field. We specialize in both international surrogacy and in surrogacy partnerships within the US – including most US states. 


Many of our team members have been surrogates themselves, so we have the expertise and perspective to provide the proper guidance. We provide support to anyone at any stage of the game – whether you are simply looking to get your questions answered or you want someone to hold your hand throughout the entire process. Because we know the ropes so well, we customize each client’s journey to their specific needs and wants, and we are happy to do so!


Here is how Los Angeles Surrogacy ranks in accordance with the above criteria:


  • Legalities: All of your questions are answered before you sign any legal paperwork, because your understanding is the most important part of this step. We explain every document in detail, so you are never in the dark about what you are signing. We partner with a legal team that we trust (and has proven to succeed at consistently) to provide a safe and comfortable experience for everyone.
  • Inclusivity: Los Angeles Surrogacy never discriminates against things like:
    • Gender
    • Sexual orientation
    • Race
    • Relationship status
    • Any other factor that makes us humans unique

If you wish to have a child or children via surrogacy, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

  • Medical/Technology: We partner with trusted local medical clinics to ensure each surrogate, intended parent, and child received the most advanced and most caring medical care possible. Whether it is the procedure where the intended mother’s eggs are gathered, or the fertilization and pregnancy care of the intended surrogate, our medical team helps to take care of you from start to finish.
    • Because we also specialize in surrogacy in multiple US states and in other countries, we also provide fertility and medical clinic recommendations closer to where you are located. We will assist you in researching your local area to be sure you are receiving top quality care no matter where you are.
  • A Caring Team: Los Angeles Surrogacy is comprised of a caring team of trustworthy individuals – many of whom were surrogates themselves. We are experienced in helping surrogates and intended parents alike, and are the supportive team members to the degree you wish us to be involved.


We pride ourselves in providing top-notch care, and we work hard to remain one of the best surrogacy agencies in California. If you are looking to begin your journey as a surrogate or intended parent, please contact us here.


2. Made in the USA Surrogacy

Located in Northern California, Made in the USA Surrogacy provides custom care to both intended surrogates and parents. They are dedicated to keeping the cost of surrogacy as affordable as possible while maintaining high quality care.

Here is how Made in the USA Surrogacy ranks in accordance with the above criteria:


  • Legalities: Made in the USA Surrogacy boasts “flexible and personalized” contracts. From their website:


“For example, if parents prefer a vegetarian surrogate, we will consider that as we match parents with surrogates. We also provide flexibility regarding contract terms, matching preferences, and other individualized aspects of the surrogacy experience.

We are flexible with travel, food preferences, and additional compensation benefits as long as all changes to the contract are approved by our agency first.”


  • Inclusivity: This agency “works with families from all backgrounds and walks of life to make parenthood possible.” They do not discriminate, but they do allow both surrogates and intended parents to be paired according to their own individual preferences.


  • Medical/Technology: This surrogacy agency offers pre-birth and post-birth care within their medical care packages. They work with fertility clinics in Northern California that offer the best, most advanced screenings and procedures available. They “coordinate with the fertility clinic, psychologist, and the surrogate’s Obstetrician,” and all insurance is reviewed on a case-by-case basis by a professional.


  • A Caring Team: Made in the USA Surrogacy provides a single point of contact to each surrogate/intended parent (or parents). They utilize phone calls, emails, texts, and Zoom calls to stay in touch with their clients.


Pairing this with their flexible contracts and cost transparency, they pass our test for a top-ranking surrogacy agency in California.

3. Surrogate Parenting Services

Surrogate Parenting Services (SPS) services surrogate mothers and intended parents in Monterey, Fresno, Riverside, Sacramento, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. They have been in business for over 33 years and have matched and services surrogacy partnerships in over 30 countries. These impressive statistics, along with their 109 5-star reviews on Google Business, make them a qualifier for the top surrogacy agencies in California.

Here is how SPS ranks in accordance with the above criteria:

  • Legalities: SPS explained on their website that they “have developed a contract between the Surrogate and the Intended Parents which is designed to protect and define the responsibilities of each party. The Intended Parents and the Surrogate are represented by separate attorneys, who will review the details of the contract with each to assure everyone’s complete understanding.” There is also a Case Manager present at the hospital when delivery takes place to “make sure all legal documents are completed accurately at the hospital and that your name is listed as the legal parent(s) for the birth certificate.” They pride themselves on having an experienced Case Manager advocate for both surrogate and intended parents at the time and place of delivery to ensure both parties’ happiness and desired privacy.


  • Inclusivity: Though SPS’s inclusivity policy is similar to those above, they do require that all surrogates be vaccinated for Covid, which differs from the prior two agencies. 


  • Medical/Technology: Because this agency only works in cities in California (though intended parents are welcome to travel here from out of state), they have specific clinics that they trust and partner with. With their 33+ years of experience, they are confident these clinics will service you best. 


For the surrogate, a medical evaluation with an endocrinologist is required before any legal paperwork is signed. Throughout the pregnancy, the surrogate is required to see a dietitian and follow their guidelines. They are also required to meet monthly in a group setting with a mental health professional. Though these rules are stricter than the agencies above, they help this agency to remain as successful as they are by helping to maintain and better the health of both surrogate and child.


  • A Caring Team: SPS assigns a Case Manager to each case and is a dedicated point of contact. Alongside the confident medical team described above, this agency provides a caring and knowledgeable team. That is why over 900 healthy babies have been delivered within their partnerships!

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California is one of the best places in the world to pursue surrogacy because of our medically-advanced, socially-progressive, and safety-first legal attitude.

There are many great surrogacy agencies in California to partner with that consistently prove to be impeccable partners.

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