7 Signs That You Would be a Good Surrogate

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The journey to becoming a surrogate is one paved with compassion, resilience, and a profound desire to bring joy to others. It’s a path chosen not just by anyone, but by extraordinary women who embody certain distinctive traits. If you’re contemplating this life-changing role, here are seven signs you might just make a great gestational carrier.

1. The Heart of a Family Champion

At the core of a great surrogate is a deep, unwavering family orientation. You’re someone who finds joy in the chaos and laughter of family life, from diapers and spit-ups to tantrums and bedtime stories. Your role extends beyond mere caretaking; you’re the temporary guardian of the most precious gift intended parents could wish for. Your ability to nurture and love unconditionally makes you the ideal person to support and carry a child for someone else.

2. A Beacon of Organization

Surrogacy is a journey dotted with appointments, paperwork, and crucial timelines. Being a gestational carrier requires meticulous organization—a skill you’ve likely mastered in your own life. Whether through a finely-tuned calendar or a knack for juggling family schedules, your ability to stay on top of things ensures that the surrogacy process moves smoothly for everyone involved.

3. Open-mindedness

Surrogacy, like life, is unpredictable. Great surrogates embrace this uncertainty with open arms and an open heart. Your adaptability and willingness to accept the twists and turns of the surrogacy journey—not only for yourself but for the intended parents and the agency—demonstrate a level of open-mindedness that is essential in this role.

4. Health

A surrogate’s health is paramount not just for her own well being, but for the safe development of the child she carries. A healthy BMI, a smoke-free lifestyle, and a history of successful pregnancies are non-negotiables. Passing medical and psychological screenings not only shows your fitness for the role but also your commitment to a healthy pregnancy.

5. Motherhood

Having previously given birth to a healthy child is a fundamental requirement for surrogates offering invaluable experience and insight. The understanding of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood provides a solid foundation for the surrogacy journey, ensuring that you are fully prepared for the physical and emotional experiences that lie ahead.

6. Surrounded by Love and Support

A great support system is crucial during surrogacy. Whether it’s a partner, family, or close friends, having people to lean on, share joys, and navigate challenges with makes a significant difference. This network not only sustains you through the journey but also provides a loving environment for the baby’s development.

7. Belief in Universal Parenthood

At the heart of surrogacy is a belief that everyone deserves the chance to be a parent, regardless of sexual orientation or marital status. If you share this conviction, you’re likely to approach surrogacy with the empathy, respect, and commitment it deserves. Your willingness to help others achieve their dreams of parenthood is what makes you an exceptional candidate.

The Path Forward

If you find these qualities resonate with you, surrogacy might just be your calling. It’s a path of profound impact, offering the unparalleled opportunity to help others achieve what they’ve dreamed of for so long: a family of their own. As you contemplate this journey, remember that surrogacy is not just about meeting criteria; it’s about heart, resilience, and the powerful human connection that comes from helping someone’s dream come true. Weather you are thinking of becoming a surrogate or a parent Los Angeles Surrogacy has your back and will walk you through the whole process. Contact us today!